About Game

FNF: Darkness Takeover: Aftermath is a mod of the game Friday Night Funkin', which is the ending of FNF: Darkness Takeover based on Family Guy.

After defeating Pibby, Boyfriend and Girlfriend must face a stronger dark force.

Gameplay is similar to the original, players control Boyfriend or Girlfriend through rap battles.


After defeating Pibby in Darkness Takeover, Boyfriend and Girlfriend seemed to be at peace. However, they quickly realized that the threat was still present. A new dark force appears, much more powerful than Pibby, and Boyfriend and Girlfriend are forced to once again fight to protect themselves and the world.


Boyfriend: The main character, uses the power of music to fight.
Girlfriend: Boyfriend's girlfriend, supports him in battles.
Pibby: The main enemy in Darkness Takeover, now becomes a reluctant ally of Boyfriend and Girlfriend.
The Corruption: A new dark force, much more powerful than Pibby.

FNF: Darkness Takeover: Aftermath has similar gameplay to the original mod, with some minor changes. Players will control Boyfriend or Girlfriend in rap battles, using the WASD keys to hit the right rhythm.

Game music:

Mod features a new original song, composed by TieGuo.


The mod's graphics are inspired by Darkness Takeover, with a darker and gloomier tone.

How to Play & Contols

Use the arrow keys.