About Game

The mod is intended for the most experienced players who have already passed more than one battle and feel confident enough in the music arena.

The rules remain the same. Watch the figures on the right and click on the arrows when they are equalized with their silhouettes.

Don't falsify and don't confuse the keys so that you don't play the melody to its logical conclusion.

It didn't take long for Boyfriend to rest after his past brutal battles with Tricky the Clown.

The evil clown is back and this time he will be performing a track from Madness Vandalization mod, "Kaboom".

Battle the diabolical comedian and defeat him in the rhythms of a rousing musical round.

Without distraction keep an eye on the characters that will run up the guy's side.

Don't miss the moments when the figures find silhouettes paired to them. Hold the slider on the success bar on your side.

Click on the arrows and don't miss often to manage to last until the end of the round and become the winner.