About Game

The "FNF Vs. Gorefield" mod is a popular mod for the rhythm game, Friday Night Funkin'. It combines the characters from the FNF game with a character called "Gorefield," which is a creepy, distorted version of Garfield, the famous cartoon character.

In this mod, players engage in rap battles against Gorefield using the iconic arrow keys in a rhythm-based music gameplay style. The mod features new songs and charts, custom dialogue, and a unique story based around the battle with Gorefield.

Fans of the mod appreciate its dark and eerie atmosphere, along with the creative integration of the Gorefield character into the world of FNF. It adds a challenging and haunting twist to the original game, offering players a new experience.

It's important to note that mods are user-created modifications and are not official content. They are developed by fans for fun and to enhance the FNF experience with their own creative ideas.