About Game

FNF | Vs Peppa Pig - Bacon Night is a mod (modified version) based on the music game Friday Night Funkin'. This mod brings the character Peppa Pig into the game, creating a competitive dance battle between Peppa Pig and Boyfriend.

Below is some information about the FNF | mod Vs Peppa Pig - Bacon Night:

Opponent: In this mod, you will confront Peppa Pig, the main character from the famous animated series. Peppa Pig has its own songs and unique dance moves, providing a vibrant and exciting match.

Music and graphics: Mod FNF | Vs Peppa Pig - Bacon Night uses music and graphics from the original Friday Night Funkin' game, but has been edited to fit the Peppa Pig character and Bacon Night theme. You'll see new music, Peppa Pig images and pig landmine elements.

Difficulty: FNF mod difficulty level | Vs Peppa Pig - Bacon Night may vary depending on how you install and configure the game. You can adjust the difficulty to suit your abilities.

FNF Games | Vs Peppa Pig - Bacon Night is just a mod created by the community and is not an official part of the Friday Night Funkin' game. It is entertaining and unique, giving players a fun and laughter-filled match with the character Peppa Pig.