About Game

The boyfriend was walking on the street when he accidentally stumbled on a trash can, where he found a watch, he imagined it was a normal watch ring but it was actually backwards.

Just looking at the glass of the watch longs for some force to be brought into the space of Friday Loud Funkin.

As he enters The Loud House universe, ready to engage in an epic battle on the video game console and a gripping face-off with none other than Lincoln Loud.

Friday Loud Funkin is a Friday Night Funkin Mod in which the Boyfriend who comes to the Loud House will engage in a video game console battle and rap battle with Lincoln.


The Rock is noisy.
The game begins.
The waiting game.

Friday Loud Funkin is the ultimate crossover experience, where the rhythms of Friday Night Funkin collide with the animated world of The Loud House!

Immerse yourself in the fusion of gameplay and music as you navigate through a series of exciting songs.

From the upbeat rhythm of “The Rock Loud” to the pounding power of “The Game Start,” each tune will take you deeper into the heart of the action.

But “The Waiting Game” really tests your skills with unexpected twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat.