About Game

Friday Night Dustin is a computer game in the action and adventure genre. In this game, players will play the main character Dustin - a talented collection of famous rock band.


The game's plot revolves around Dustin and his band preparing for a performance at a night club. However, before he can perform, Dustin must go through a series of challenges and encounter ominous situations.


Players will control Dustin through different levels, which will include logic puzzles, minigames, and fighting matches. Dustin possesses an incredible set of skills, including the ability to use musical instruments, perform dances or even fight using martial arts.


Players will use a simple and flexible control system to control Dustin to perform movements or jump on different platforms to reach the goal.

FNF Dustin', Vs. Dusttale Sans & Papyrus, brings you a three-song demo, a preview of the upcoming full-featured mod that's been in development for over a year.


The story takes place in the Dusttale time-line, Sans is tired of seeing the humans kill everyone, so he decides to follow his own path to gain experience and thus be able to defeat the humans.


The human here is Boyfriend, he was possessed and cursed by Chara then fell into the "underground" while trying to flee from Girlfriend's killer. In this unknown world Boyfriend will meet Sans and will have to face him during a rap battle on the song Perseverance.


Suddenly after Papyrus will be delighted to meet a human for the first time and this will be the opportunity to challenge Boyfriend on the song Kinemorto. To end this demo, Sans and Papyrus will face each other! Something has happened to Papyrus and Sans no longer recognize his brother, he will try to reason with him in music.