About Game

Friday Night Funkin': Broken Moon is a fan-made modification of the popular rhythm-based indie game, Friday Night Funkin'. This mod introduces a new storyline, characters, and songs to the game.

In Broken Moon, players embark on a new adventure with Boyfriend and Girlfriend as they face off against a mysterious antagonist known as the Broken Moon. This character seeks to disrupt the peaceful rhythm of their world and challenge them to intense rap battles.

The mod features new original songs, each with its own unique style and difficulty level. Players must follow the beat and hit the correct arrow keys at the right time to keep the rhythm going and defeat their opponents. As the story progresses, the battles become more challenging, testing the player's rhythm and reflexes.

Friday Night Funkin': Broken Moon also includes custom artwork, animations, and dialogue to enhance the overall experience. It offers a fresh take on the original game, providing fans with new content to enjoy and explore.

To play Friday Night Funkin': Broken Moon, you will need to have the base game, Friday Night Funkin', installed. You can find instructions on how to install and play the mod on various online platforms and fan communities dedicated to the game.

Remember to always support the original developers of Friday Night Funkin' and respect the hard work put into creating the mod. Enjoy the new challenges and have fun playing Friday Night Funkin': Broken Moon!