About Game

FNF 13th Friday Night: Funk Blood is a music and rhythm-driven game that is an expanded version of the game Friday Night Funkin'. This game is developed based on the original game and adds many exciting new content.

Detailed information about the game FNF 13th Friday Night: Funk Blood:

Plot: The game revolves around the story of a young couple, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, who are trying to beat different opponents in a dance competition. This time, they are drawn into a strange world where music and dancing have magical powers. They must face new challenges and formidable opponents to return to the real world.

New Rivals: FNF 13th Friday Night: Funk Blood introduces many new and exciting opponents for Boyfriend and Girlfriend to challenge. Each competitor has their own unique songs and dance styles, providing a diverse experience for players.

Music and graphics: The game has fun and vibrant music, attracting fans of the Funk music genre. Music with diverse origins and magical powers will surely inspire you. Adorable and retro-styled 2D graphics and engaging effects create an intuitive and interactive game.

Game modes: The game has different game modes such as Story Mode (story mode), Free Play (free play), and Vs Mode (competition mode with friends). Players can control Boyfriend to conquer mysteries and overcome challenges to reach victory.

FNF 13th Friday Night: Funk Blood provides players with an innovative and exciting music and rhythm experience. Come join and challenge yourself with new opponents and exciting songs in this game!