About Game

In FNF Vs. Uzi: Murder Drones, players will participate in the fierce confrontation between the main character of Friday Night Funkin' and Uzi - an army of drones planning to commit murders. secret.

But it was in this forest that Boyfriend met Uzi in Murder Drones. This mod has been made based on an episode of Cabin Fever, with the battle taking place to the song Mutation.

Help Boyfriend dominate Uzi in her song. For the guy to sing and hit all the notes, you need to press the arrow keys when the running icons reach the gray fixed icons.


You will have to use your rhythm skills and reflexes to deal with dangerous attacks from Uzi and win prolonged battles.


Unique melodies and music in FNF Vs. Uzi: Murder Drones creates a tense and dramatic atmosphere, as players must constantly fight to maintain the correct tempo and defeat Uzi in each intense round.

How to Play & Contols

Use Arrow To Play!