About Game

Friday Night Funkin': Disney Club is a Disney-themed mod by CNJ/mickey_smash.


Get ready to make exciting encounters by accompanying Boyfriend in rap battles with many famous characters from the world of games and Disney series.


Compete musically with Flippy and Mr Hollywood (Toontown), Swampy (Where's My Water), Donald Duck, Sora, Goofy (Kingdom Hearts), Gary (Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force) or even the famous Mickey and Oswald from Jakeneutron.


FNF Disney Club offers 11 diverse songs, some will be calm and peaceful, others will be Rock'n Roll (accompanied by electric guitar) and others will be upbeat and rhythmic.


Very neat artwork, gorgeously decorated scenery and many characters and animations will contribute to creating a unique style for the mod.




Toonfest (Flippy vs BF).
Jagged Crisis (Flippy & BF vs Mr. Hollywood).
Swamp Fever Song (Swampy vs BF).
Hand in hand (Sora vs BF & GF as Dog & Cat).
Heartless Savior.
Funk Jitsus (Sensei vs Penguin BF w/ GF Club Penguin Dance).
Utility Trench (Gary vs BF).
Dark Spot (Epic Mickey vs BF).
Lucky Trolley (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit vs BF).
Oswald V Oswald (Jakeneutron Oswald vs. DC Oswald).
World of Evil (Mad Doctor vs. Oswald w/ Ortensia, BF & GF).