About Game

"FNF CN Lost Episodes" is a fantasy game based on the popular Cartoon Network television series and combined with Friday Night Funkin' elements.

In this game, players will embark on a unique and exciting adventure as they explore lost episodes of their favorite series from Cartoon Network. Players will take on the role of the main character of FNF and go through different levels, facing off against characters from popular games and TV shows on Cartoon Network.

The game creates fun rhythmic challenges, players must use the arrow keys or control buttons to show off their jumping ability and defeat their opponents. You will join your main character through levels that require precision and reflexes, accompanied by realistic music and visuals from your favorite Cartoon Network series.

"FNF CN Lost Episodes" is a game that brings back players' memories and emotions with Cartoon Network's favorite shows. With beautiful graphics and vivid sound, the game promises to bring players hours of relaxation and fun.

Get ready to show off your talent in "FNF CN Lost Episodes", discover lost episodes and win exciting rhythm battles!