About Game

An exciting FNF Funkin Mix mod where you can prove yourself as a rap artist. You can feel like a vocalist again. This time you will be fighting an evil character who has superhuman strength and can destroy everyone with one blow. In the game you have to visit the music arena with him.

In FNF Funkin Mix mod, you have to fight dangerous opponents and help the main character defeat the enemy. They are ready to do anything to destroy everyone in their path. To do this, you will need to be well prepared. To begin with, you will have to find the strength in yourself that will help in the fight against the enemy. After that, you can start the musical battle.

This will completely alter Boyfriend's future and his character. He is now a gangster who works for Daddy Dearest! After a mission, BF overhears a conversation between his boss and his daughter, Girlfriend. And that's how it all began! Live this adventure in music and sing against many adversaries during two complete weeks as well as bonus songs. Each protagonist is a mix of two characters from the Friday Night Funkin' universe, for example Boyfriend is mixed with Pico and Girlfriend with Daddy Dearest.


Can you authenticate each character? FNF Funkin' Mix is a mod that returns to the original universe of Friday Night Funkin' with quality remixes, charismatic characters, (very) many dialogues and new songs such as Sickly Sour (against Lila) which will delight the fans.