FNF: Golf Minigame ft. Miku


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About Game

Introducing the new golf minigame in FNF, featuring none other than the Vocaloid superstar, Miku! Get ready to tee off and showcase your rhythm skills in this unique and exciting addition to the game.

In this minigame, you will find yourself on a beautiful golf course, with lush greens and stunning landscapes. Miku herself will be your companion, cheering you on and adding her signature style to the game.

The objective is to hit the golf ball to the rhythm of the music, just like in the original FNF gameplay. As the arrows appear, you must press the corresponding keys or buttons in time with the beat to make a successful swing. Get it right, and you'll see the ball soaring through the air, heading towards the hole.

But it's not just about reaching the hole; you'll also earn points based on your timing accuracy and combo streak. The game rewards players who can maintain a consistent rhythm and hit those perfect shots. So, be prepared to practice and master the art of rhythmic golf swings.

As you progress through the minigame, you'll encounter various challenges and obstacles on the course. From tricky sand traps to winding water hazards, you'll need to adjust your timing and strategy to overcome these obstacles and reach the green. And of course, Miku will be there every step of the way, providing words of encouragement and celebrating your successes.

Additionally, the golf minigame will feature a selection of catchy tunes from the FNF soundtrack, including remixes and original songs featuring Miku's vocals. Players will be able to unlock new tracks by achieving high scores and completing objectives. So, get ready to groove to the beat while aiming for that hole-in-one!

FNF: Golf Minigame ft. Miku adds a refreshing twist to the FNF experience, combining the beloved rhythm gameplay with the relaxing yet competitive sport of golf. So grab your clubs, embrace the rhythm, and let's hit the links with Miku!

How to Play & Contols

In the "FNF: Golf Minigame ft. Miku" mod of Friday Night Funkin', the character control keys are typically the same as in the original game. Here are the default keys for character control:

  1. Arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, Right): These are used to navigate and hit the golf ball in the desired direction.
  2. Enter Key: This key is used to start and confirm actions, such as selecting the power and angle for your golf shot.
  3. Escape Key: Pressing this key can open the menu or pause the game.