About Game

The Hazy River Vs. Garcello & Annie Mod is a modded version of the popular rhythm-based game called Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). In this specific mod, players can expect to face off against two unique characters: Garcello and Annie.

Garcello, a character created by artist Turdl3, is a heavily cigarette-smoking skeleton-like character. His design features a blue hoodie, black pants, and glowing red eyes. He is known for his smoker-like voice and catchy rapping style.

Annie, on the other hand, is the antagonist of the mod. She is a demonic, doll-like creature who wears a cute pink dress. Annie has a sadistic and creepy demeanor, making her a formidable opponent for players to face.

The mod introduces a new song titled "Hazy River" that players must battle against Garcello and Annie on. Like other FNF mods, players must hit the arrow keys in time with the music to complete the songs successfully and progress. The mod also provides different difficulty levels to accommodate players of various skill levels.

With unique character designs, catchy songs, and challenging gameplay, the Hazy River Vs. Garcello & Annie Mod offers an exciting and intense experience for FNF players looking for something fresh and different.