About Game

FnF Mid Fight Masses Deluxe is a hypothetical expanded and enhanced version of the popular indie rhythm game "Friday Night Funkin'." The original game features a story mode where players take on the role of Boyfriend, a young musician trying to impress his girlfriend's father through rap battles.


In the Deluxe version, "Mid Fight Masses" would be a new week added to the game. It would feature new characters, songs, and challenges for players to overcome. The storyline might delve deeper into the relationship between Boyfriend and Girlfriend, introducing new conflicts and characters that they have to confront together.


Additionally, the Deluxe version could include new gameplay features, such as more complex charts, different difficulty options, and expanded multiplayer modes. It might also offer new customization options for Boyfriend, allowing players to personalize his appearance, clothing, and accessories.


There are thirty songs that can't be completed even in a few hours. But fun and good mood are guaranteed, as the battles can be said to be endless, and each time you will find something new, interesting in them, and you can again help Boyfriend show his musical superiority over each antagonist.


Boyfriend will be able to win only by high-quality performance of songs. This guy needs your help. Press the arrow keys when you see that the running characters are in contact with those that are fixed at the very top. Do not miss, and wait for the exact moment so that the track does not end ahead of time and all the work does not have to start from the beginning.