About Game

"FNF Seek's Cool Deltarune" is a game that promises to bring a blend of two famous game worlds, Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) and Deltarune.

This game brings an exciting and inspiring story about the adventures of the main character in FNF as they enter the world of Deltarune, where everything is completely different. Players will take on the role of FNF characters and control them through different levels, confronting and showing off their dancing abilities with characters from Deltarune.

The game presents each level through opponents fighting and dancing delicately. Players will have to use the arrow keys or control buttons to keep pace with the music, along with the corresponding buttons to show off their skills and defeat their opponents.

"FNF Seek's Cool Deltarune" offers an exciting experience with attractive graphics and vivid sounds. The game also showcases creativity with a step-by-step interactive storyline, allowing players to learn and discover more about Deltarune and the game's characters.

With the combination of FNF and Deltarune, "FNF Seek's Cool Deltarune" is a unique and exciting game, bringing a memorable musical adventure to players. Prepare yourself and get ready to conquer the levels in this game!