About Game

FNF: The Blueballs Incident (Friday Night Funkin') is a state-of-the-art mod based on the music rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). With its incredible graphics, new gameplay features, and a voiced narrative that follows the story of agent Blueballs (Boyfriend) sent by the Troll Containment Foundation to stop a troll individual roaming our world, this mod stands out above most others and brings FNF to a never-before-seen level. Made by MaliciousBunny and EZHALT. Ported to Psych Engine by Asbel-sen.

Is it just a troll? No. FNF: The Blueballs Incident (Trollge) is one of the best mods for Friday Night Funkin' and a difficult challenge that Boyfriend will have to pass! Boyfriend (or rather Special Agent BlueBalls) has been commissioned by Derpina, who is the President of the Troll Containment Foundation, to stop an imminent and dangerous threat, the arrival in our world of a Troll! Equipped with a special microphone, you will be sent on a mission to bring the Troll back to his home world. Face him to music in a strange and intriguing atmosphere and use all your singing skills to beat him on 4 great quality songs, Sadness, Rage, Incident and Redemption. Maybe under his terrifying look Trollge just hides a great melancholy and it's the power of your music and your rhythm that will manage to calm him down.
As a bonus you will also be able to discover the song called Pteromerhanophobia from update 1.999 as well as Trolling, the song of the mod Disorder made by fans (TdudleyYT, SmokeCannon and KTLLED).