About Game

FNF: The Lost Files is a popular music and rhythm game, developed by Cameron Taylor. This game is based on the original game "Friday Night Funkin'" (FNF), where the player controls the main character "Boyfriend", trying to win confrontations with other characters. Different characters through musical rounds.

FNF: The Lost Files is designed with the intention of expanding and giving players more new content. This game is aimed at the FNF-loving gaming community, offering new levels, new songs and exciting characters to play against.


In the game, the player will control Boyfriend, who wants to conquer his girlfriend, "Girlfriend". You will have to fight rival characters through rhythm rounds, in which you will have to press the corresponding keys in rhythm from the visual changes on the screen.

The musical confrontations in FNF: The Lost Files are beautifully presented and engaging. Players will face off against different characters, vibrant soundtracks, and creative visuals. Each character has its own unique style and dance, requiring players to fine-tune and react quickly to stay in rhythm and win the competition.

In addition, FNF: The Lost Files also offers an online multiplayer mode, allowing you to challenge other players around the world. This opens up opportunities to show off your musical talent and compete with other players.