About Game

Friday Night Funkin' Lullaby is a mod created and directed by Banbuds that revolves around Pokémon creepypastas. The main weeks are inspired by Hypno’s Lullaby, Easter Egg: Snow on Mount Silver, Lost Silver, and Buried Alive; MissingNo. is also present.

There are also several bonus songs that can be bought from the Shop. These are inspired by DISABLED, Strangled Red, Hell Bell, Glitchy Red, and a Jigglypuff image of unknown origin. There are also a few bonus songs based on original material made for the mod.

FNF Vs. Hypno's Lullaby is a mod for Friday Night Funkin' in which this time Girlfriend will have to sing against a dark and terrifying version of Hypno, a Psy pokemon of the first generation. Boyfriend has disappeared and Girlfriend decides to go out herself to find him, that's where she meets Hypno who asks to follow him in the forest where he apparently saw Boyfriend ... Obviously it's a trap and to escape Girlfriend will have to sing on a very difficult rap battle.

Developed by Banbuds (Tricky 2.0), FNF Hypno's Lullaby is a tribute to the famous creepypasta Hypno's Lullaby created by TrainerDerek. In the story mode you can follow Girlfriend's adventures on three new songs offering original game mechanics that will require some adaptation and a lot of training! There is also a fourth secret song that will need to be unlocked.

This mod was released at approximately midnight on Halloween, 2021, while the unfinished V2 Update prematurely released on October 22, 2022.