About Game

In this thrilling crossover installment of FNF (Friday Night Funkin') and Among Us, our favorite rhythm game mechanics collide with the deception and suspense of the Impostor. Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping battle as Boyfriend and Girlfriend find themselves trapped on a mysteriously corrupted space station, facing the ultimate impostor - the White Parasite. With catchy tunes and intense confrontation, players will be captivated by the unique fusion of gameplay styles.


Plot: Boyfriend and Girlfriend, transported to a futuristic space station, quickly discover that something is terribly wrong. The White Parasite, a malevolent entity preying on the inhabitants of this station, has taken over the Impostor and now possesses unparalleled power. Its sinister plan involves assimilating the minds of innocent crew members, turning them into mindless minions to aid in its conquest.


As Boyfriend and Girlfriend explore the darkened corridors, they stumble upon the weakened Impostor, who pleads for assistance in defeating this unholy Parasite. Realizing the danger posed to not only the Impostor but to the entire station, Boyfriend decides to join forces and save everyone from certain doom.


Gameplay: The gameplay takes inspiration from both FNF and Among Us, offering a truly unique experience. Players will engage in rhythm-based battles against the mind-controlled crew, similar to the iconic FNF battles. Successfully hitting the notes rhythmically will charge up the Impostor's abilities, allowing them to use various tricks to outsmart and defeat The White Parasite's minions.


Between battles, players will need to explore the space station, completing investigative tasks to unveil the secrets hidden within its walls. This exploration introduces Among Us-style gameplay, ensuring players remain vigilant and aware of any potential threats from the Parasite or its minions. Each successful task uncovers crucial information about the entity, bringing Boyfriend and Girlfriend closer to stopping its malevolent plans.


The soundtrack of FNF VS Impostor: White Parasite features a combination of energetic FNF-style songs and eerie melodies to complement the game's intense atmosphere. Players will find themselves immersed in the rhythm-based battles, eagerly tapping along with the beat to save the station.


FNF VS Impostor: White Parasite offers an exciting crossover between FNF and Among Us, merging rhythm-based battles with deceptive and suspenseful gameplay. Players will navigate the dark corridors of a corrupted space station, battling mind-controlled crew members and strategically uncovering the secrets of The White Parasite. With its captivating storyline, engaging gameplay mechanics, and catchy soundtrack, this crossover promises an unforgettable experience for fans of both games. Prepare for an epic showdown as Boyfriend and Girlfriend face their most challenging enemy yet. )