About Game

"FNF Vs Infinite" is a customized version of the skill music game "Friday Night Funkin'" (FNF). This game takes players on a dramatic musical adventure where they must face off against a powerful character named "Infinite".

In "FNF Vs Infinite", players will participate in unique musical battles, featuring remixes of original songs from the "Friday Night Funkin'" game. They will use the keyboard or controller to tap to the beat of the music and show off their musical skills to compete against "Infinite".

This game brings a new experience, with an engaging storyline and engaging music. "Infinite" is a character full of personality and will bring exciting challenges to players, from defeating him in dramatic musical battles to discovering the mysteries surrounding the character. this object.

With "FNF Vs Infinite", players will experience a completely new musical adventure, while conquering difficult levels and challenging their musical skills.