About Game

New opponents are waiting for you in this Friday Night Funkin Mod. In FNF vs Pibby Steven & Spinel Mod, You’ll continue your journey of winning your Girlfriend’s heart. Convince your Girlfriend’s Dad by winning the rap battle against your opponents.

Face off against a famous hero who seems to have lost his mind in FNF Vs. Pibby Corrupted Steven & Spinel, a mod for Friday Night Funkin' inspired by "Come Learn With Pibby". Steven and Spinel have been corrupted by a strange force and musical battles seem to be the only way to heal them and get them back to normal. The first duel on which you will have to sing will oppose Boyfriend to Steven on the song You will make a change. A surprise guest will appear in the middle of the song! The duel will continue on I'll Be Fine and We Always Save The Day, a rhythmic and technical song that will require concentration so as not to miss too many notes. The conclusion of the story will be by singing on Your Last Friend, Boyfriend and Spinel will engage in a last ruthless duel!