About Game

FNF (Friday Night Funkin') Vs. Pibby: Glitched Legends Mod is a popular mod for the rhythm-based indie game Friday Night Funkin'. In this mod, players can engage in a new storyline with Pibby, a glitchy and mysterious character who has been added to the game.

The Glitched Legends Mod introduces new characters, songs, and backgrounds, all with a glitchy aesthetic. Players can experience challenging and unique levels that push their rhythmic skills to the limit. As with the original game, the objective is to press the correct arrow keys in time with the music to win each round and advance in the story.

The mod offers a fresh and exciting take on FNF, with Pibby providing a unique and glitchy twist to the gameplay. Fans of the original game can enjoy new content and challenges, making for a fun and engaging experience.

Overall, FNF Vs. Pibby: Glitched Legends Mod adds a new and exciting dimension to Friday Night Funkin' with its glitchy aesthetics, challenging levels, and intriguing storyline. It's a must-try for fans of the game looking for fresh content.