About Game

FNF VS Tails.exe (Friday Night Funkin') is a high-effort fan-made spin-off of the Friday Night Funkin' mod FNF VS Sonic.exe but this time it's Tails who runs the show. Made by teles (Coding, Art, Music), Tr1NgleBoss (Coding Help, Engine), HarryLTS (Charting), P.R. (Remastered Tails Icon), and BaconMewtwo (Playtesting).

Are you ready for a real scare in Friday Night Funkin 'vs Tails.EXE? This time around Sonic has been corrupted by a cursed version of his own character and his close friend Tails is completely devastated and distraught, he is unwilling to lose his friend and will do anything to get him back!

Now you have to ask the famous Boyfriend for help, because with your great talent and incredible knowledge of him you will have the chance to defeat the evil virus that has taken over Sonic in a very intense musical duel. Don't let the virus get the better of you and prove that there is no place for evil in your world - good luck!