About Game

FNF Vs. Tord: Red Fury is an mod created by Fyzure. It is an expansion of the original VS Tord mod made by bbpanzu, and it aimed to add more songs, context, and extra phases.

Are you ready for a frenetic duel in FNF Vs. Tord: Red Fury and His Rock'n'Roll Songs? This crazy mod for Friday Night Funkin' will offer you to face the main character of the Eddsworld animated series. The Red Fury update is still in beta but already offers colossal new content with 4 full weeks and 13 new songs in which Boyfriend will have to face the fury of Tord and his giant robot! But that's not all, during the story you will also have the opportunity to accompany Tord during epic musical battles. The game menus have been completely reworked and many cutscenes have been added to illustrate the story. Tord is a formidable singer and your duels will require flawless concentration and skill, especially when your opponent takes possession of a giant robot chaining digital musical notes at full speed! Is a normal human capable of meeting the challenges proposed by Tord? It's up to you to play, trying to miss as few notes as possible!