About Game

Trollface FNF Trollge is a new fnf mod of the Friday Funkin Night game. Today you have to play as BF character vs VS Trollface/Trollge. in this mod, you fight against the more sinister version of the Trollface, commonly known as Trollge.

Your task in the game Trollge FNF mod Music arrow, Friday Funkin Night Vs Trollface. is very simple - to create a unique track that will win the musical rap battle. To do this, tap the arrow keys when they perfectly match to get the highest score. Feel Funkin rhythm!

Can you keep a cool head in FNF Vs. Trollface/Trollge a completely crazy and psychedelic Friday Night Funkin mod? Boyfriend has beaten all the opponents he has come across for some time and he has become a legend in the world of musical battles.

But all these feats are not yet enough for Girlfriend's father who decides to send them to another dimension to face the ultimate opponent! Instantly they find themselves in Trollface's room, who is determined to severely troll and wage a merciless musical battle.

But when pushed to the limit, Trollface will go crazy, an unexpected event will happen and nothing will go as planned! Face off against Trollge on three songs, Trolling, Mistaken and The Incident and discover the incredible story of this new character who joins the mod series for FNF.