About Game

Friday Night Funkin' FPS (First-Person Shooter) is a fan-made game mode or remix of the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin'. In this version, players experience the game from a first-person perspective, similar to traditional first-person shooter games.

Instead of the usual rhythm-based gameplay, players are now required to shoot targets or enemies that appear on the screen in time with the music. The targets could be notes or symbols, and shooting them accurately will advance the player's score and progress through the level.

The FPS gameplay adds a new level of excitement and intensity to the game, as players have to coordinate shooting and movement with the rhythm of the music. It also provides a fresh take on the Friday Night Funkin' experience, appealing to fans who enjoy both rhythm games and first-person shooters.

Note that Friday Night Funkin' FPS is not an official game or game mode developed by the creators, but rather a fan-made modification or remake of the original game. These fan-made remixes often showcase the creativity and passion of the community, providing different variations and adaptations to beloved games.

How to Play & Contols

The most common control keys are:

Arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, Right): Used to hit the corresponding arrows in time with the music.
Enter/Space: Used to confirm selections, navigate menus, and start or restart the game.
Esc: Used to pause or exit the game.
WASD keys: Some players prefer using WASD instead of arrow keys for character control.