About Game

Welcome, all of you fans of Friday Night Funkin' Games online we have come here day after day to find and play the best new games in the series, something that you should always do here since we always bring the best such content for you, just like we're happy to say is the case right now and here with Friday Night Funkin' HD.

FNF HD mod doesn't tell the official story of the base game but combines the lore of several milestones around the universe of Friday Night Funkin '. Discover the many ideas in rhythm with 12 songs and two characters that will appear over the weeks.

How to Play & Contols

When the floating arrow symbols are matching the arrows on top of Boyfriend's character, tap the same keys on your keyboard to hit the notes properly, and win if the progress bar turns in your favor, fully green, but don't make too many mistakes in a row, or it gets red and you lose.