About Game

Friday Night Funkin' Neo 3.0 is the latest version of a popular rhythm-based game called Friday Night Funkin'. It is a modded version of the original game, introducing new characters, songs, and gameplay mechanics.

In Friday Night Funkin' Neo 3.0, players still take on the role of a boy named Boyfriend, who must impress his girlfriend by battling and defeating various opponents in rhythm-based rap battles. However, this version introduces several new characters, such as Neo, a robotic character who serves as the main antagonist, and numerous other unique opponents.

Aside from new characters, Friday Night Funkin' Neo 3.0 also contains new songs and remixes that players can enjoy. The gameplay mechanics are very similar to the original game, with players having to press buttons in time with the beat of the music to earn points and progress through the game.

Friday Night Funkin' Neo 3.0 offers a fresh experience for players who are familiar with the original game and its mods. It provides new challenges, catchy music, and an overall fun and engaging gameplay experience.

How to Play & Contols

Here are some tips, tricks and control keys for characters in the game:

- Move key: The method of moving the character uses the arrow keys on the keyboard or WASD.

- Recline key: Use the Q and E keys to move the character left or right.

- Jump key: Usually Space or W. Use it to jump over obstacles or overtake opponents.

- Strike key: Attack key is usually keys like A or J or left mouse button. Use it to attack and destroy opponents.

- Drag back key: S key or down arrow key. Use it to put your character down or pull back to avoid attacks.

- Special skill keys: Some characters have special skill keys to use more powerful attacks. See the game guide for the keys to control each character's special skills.

- Weapon Switch Keys: In some games, you can use the number keys on your keyboard to switch between different weapons.

- Other Special Keys: Each game can have its own special keys to perform actions such as exploring, interacting with the environment, or using items.

- Customize keys: If you want, you can customize the joystick to your preference in the game settings.