About Game

Enjoy the new weekly remixes of the hottest music and let yourself be carried away by colorful graphics and much more detailed and fun characters, which will make you enjoy this great adventure to the fullest.

Get ready to bob your head as it’s another Friday night! Friday Night Funkin: Neo picks up from the rhythm game that lets you outduel others in the grandest of stages. Our hero is back with his trusty mic and baggy jeans, cap turned and ready to rock. Arrows show on the screen for you to press, follow the prompts and show them who is the king of the stage. Each competitor is given a turn and must follow the on-screen prompts to combine melodies. Begin with a slow harmony as it picks up, showing at the bottom of the screen which is winning, your face and the opponent will be interlocked in a battle of musical genius. Different modes are still available to choose from. Start with an easy rhythm to an ever-picking-up harmony fit for the greatest emcees. The Neo version is reminiscent of the old arcade game, dance revolution. Minus the sweat. Master the beat and press the correct buttons for the lady is waiting for your Friday night. Harmonious battles, never-ending songs that will surely give you last song syndrome.

Your relationship with your sweetheart is hanging by a thread, she feels that you're not trying hard enough for the relationship and she's not willing to stay with you unless you show her your love in style, her passion for music is the only thing that can make her change her mind and come running back to you! It's time to show the world what you can do to win back the love of your beloved. This time, with a much more urban rhythm, you'll have to help our little singer follow the musical notes of each level without missing a single one along the way. Will you manage to surprise your girl and drive her crazy with love again? Show your great talent in front of the microphone and sing until you can't sing anymore at an unbridled rhythm!