About Game

Friday Night Funkin' vs Ascii is back as an upgraded mod ready to test your musical skills once again as you battle a small square-headed robot, a musical note as an antenna and a big screen with an arrow in the middle as a face. Can you sing at a completely unrestrained pace as you claim your title as champion once again?

Ascii has been developed exclusively to be your opponent in a dangerous musical battle so beating him will be much harder than you think. Do you think you can beat such a complex and intelligent opponent in a duel to prove who is the best rapper in town? Three new songs are waiting for you ready to put you in a real predicament, "Daisies", "Error" and "Hard Drive" will make you show what you can do while you press some arrows to the beat and impress your girlfriend again to win her love.




  • Daisies
  • Error
  • Hard Drive
  • Spam
  • Legbattle
  • Breaking Dad
  • WaterIceSaltAye