About Game

Are you ready for an adventure like no other with Friday Night Funkin': Vs Hex Mod in this new mod full of details and excitement? You're enjoying a sunny spring day with your friends while playing on the neighborhood basketball court, when suddenly a tall, strange figure approaches you. His name is Hex, a robotic guy ready to challenge you to a fierce battle! Are you ready for a curious musical duel?

It doesn't seem like your new opponent has any other intentions than having fun, but a duel is a duel and your girlfriend will be there to enjoy your big win. Will you make her proud of you, or will she be disappointed? Correctly write the instructions on the screen to defeat your rival and test your musical skills. Enjoy a whole week of songs starring Hex, get ready to test Kade Engine while activating some of its features, like precision stats to help you win and new keystrokes. Once you've finished playing Hex Week, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a new bonus song called "Encore". Only available to enjoy alongside Hex in Weeks 1 and 2 of the game, set your pace and don't give up on facing adversity in this tough showdown!

How to Play & Contols