About Game

impostors, Boyfriend and Girlfriend will witness in music a funny story mixing plot, backstab and rhythmic songs!

This is a MOD that includes both new songs and remixes of other mods, as well as including songs in the “freeplay” mode, offering more than 12 songs full of fun. Graphically it offers a great design of the scenarios and characters in general, in addition to having many scenes and dialogues, as well as a custom menu design. This is an ideal MOD for those who enjoy the appearance of the Impostor in an epic musical challenge.

Back for the third song "Defeat", Boyfriend will deliver an intense and epic rap battle against Black Impostor, loosing will not be possible otherwise it is certain death. The second week features a rap battle against Green and Red Impostor on the song "Double Trouble", the musical notes will scroll by as quickly as the blades of the knives of your two opponents.