About Game

Friday Night Funkin went retro with Pico-8 Engine! Play the beloved rhythm game with lots of low-res pixels in Pico Night Punkin’! The best part?

With Pico Night Punkin' no excuse if you lack rhythm or misses notes, it's only your skill that needs to improve because the game doesn't lag! The gameplay is precise, you will be able to play all the original FNF songs and try to make the highest score on each one.

Pico Night Punkin' transcribed Friday Night Funkin' identically, and maybe some of you might try to request that mods be added to the game! But no ! Here no mods, no new songs or regular updates, just one of the best game converted to an 8-bit version!

The songs included in this game are:

Dad Battle
Because of the obvious limitations of PICO-8, there are cases when the arrows and music won't match well and are desynced. Playing on a different browser might solve the issue. It is also observed that the game works surprisingly well with Microsoft Edge. Are you willing to accept the challenge of mastering the FNF game in all of its form?