About Game

FNF: Poppy Funktime (VS Bunzo Bunny) is a challenging Friday Night Funkin' mod that stands out from everything we've seen so far by replacing the familiar note mechanics with color sequences you must remember to win. Put your short-term memory skill to the test and see if you can outplay Bunzo Bunny from the survival horror game Poppy Playtime.


Poppy Funktime vs Bunzo Bunny (FNF Mod) Credits:
If you had fun and would like to keep up-to-update on the mod, please make sure to support the cool mod creators on their social media platform. Also follow for other projects they are working on.

Richilix: Director, Animator, Programmer.
Hippo Boi: Composer.
Rorutop: Musician, Programmer.
Rave: Musician.
Society: Upcoming Voice Actress.