About Game

FNF BF Sings World's Smallest Violin is an original mod for Friday Night Funkin' of one song and for the first time Boyfriend will sing...with words! For this tribute to AJR's famous video, our rap battle star will perform World's Smallest Violin, a rhythmic and joyful song that will delight his audience.


In Friday Night Funkin' (FNF), the phrase "world's smallest violin" is often used sarcastically to mock or dismiss someone's complaints or self-pity.


It originates from the common idiom "play the world's smallest violin" which refers to someone appearing to play a tiny violin to show exaggerated sympathy.


This mod is updated to the TimHD and SodaPop version 2 because is better and actually uses Boyfriend’s vocal.


Help Boyfriend keep the rhythm of the music and lyrics and accompany him during his performance. Be careful, there is a very high risk that this song will stay in your head for a few hours after listening to it while playing!